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Professional Services

Mckenzie Lake Infant Toddler Program

From changing diapers to engaging in educational activities, I’ve done it all. I’m a caregiver with years of experience and strong passion for my work. I’m passionate about children and strive for their experience away from mom and dad to be as educational and fun as possible. Contact me today to discuss details.


Your Children are in Capable Hands

Toddler Childcare

I know how scary it can be to place your child in the care of a stranger. That’s why I make it a priority to provide a safe and inviting environment for all children I look after. With my 10 months to 3 years old Toddler Program, parents stay calm whenever they leave their children in my care. Together Parents and Program Director will work in the successful potty training with the children. I’m an experienced Child Care Provider and will look after your kids with caution and care.


A Home away from Home

Learn and Play

Years of investigation have made it clear that children often acquire greater knowledge in a Learn and Play environment. Through songs, nursery rhymes, games and crafts your kids will develop their full potential to start building strong roots always helpful for a solid learning path. Encouraging a positive and violence free system your kids will grow knowing the importance of human values supporting a solid self-esteem.


English/Spanish Lessons Daily


Our English /Spanish program develops  the basic knowledge of both languages, starting from numbers and letters, going through words and simple phrases. Development in the program depends on the age and maturity of the kid focusing on the special needs of each individual child. Even though every kid is different I have realized that children enjoy learning a second language and it would always be more friendly with a native speaking instructor.

Mckenzie Towne Toddler and Pre-School Program

Our newest location, the Toddler and Pre-School Program, is focused in giving the children the best experience in learning through playing, we have to remember that even when they are sometimes so mature for their age they are still Pingos and they love to play, this is one of the most effective teaching methods nowadays.


Bright and spacious main floor set ups

Beautiful layout

In Pingos Dayhome we know how important is for everybody to get the most out of the sunlight everyday, that is why we set up all our programs in very spacious and bright main floor layouts, your children will have the right amount of energy and light for their daily activities.


Effective learning methods

Updated curriculum

We work hard to get our curriculum updated constantly, a learning method will not always work the same for every single child, so we adapt our methods depending on the necessities of our children, we  modify the set up depending the age of the little ones attending, toys and materials will not work the same for different ages so we evolve depending our young Pingos needs


Sunny and safe backyard

Outdoor activities

With the global pandemic we realized how hard is for people to stay in one only place everyday, your children will have the right amount of time to spend outdoors when weather conditions are optimal, but it is important for them to go out and be children all the time, we have selected our houses with spacious and safe backyards for them to be happy and get their right amount of vitamin D.

I’ll be happy to create a one of a kind experience for your child. Just get in touch.


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am-5:30pm

Sat, Sun: Closed

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