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Pingos Mckenzie Towne


A Little About Myself

My name is Gina Pantig; I am married and have a 9-year old daughter. I was born and raised in Camarines Norte, Philippines.
In my growing up, it's always been my dream that I will ride the plane and work in another country far-far away from the country one day.
I was 19-years old when my mother passed away. I finished my associate Secretarial course, and my father encouraged me to take up Bachelor in Education. Still, later on, I started and explored a new adventure of finding a job.
My first job working abroad was in Hong Kong, and I worked there for almost 5-years, and this is where my experience started working with children ranging from 6-months babies up to Grade 5 or 11 years old children.
After almost 5-years of working in Hong Kong, God blessed me with another blessing. I've got an opportunity to come and work here in Canada.
I arrived to Toronto in 2004 and worked as a live-in caregiver. I took care of 3 little boys; one was a newborn baby. After working with them for 3-years, I've got my Permanent Residence status, and I've got a new job working with a new employer that brought me here to Calgary, Alberta, in the year 2007.
I stayed with them for 5-years, and while working with them, I studied at Bow Volley College and finished an Early Child Education Certificate.
The youngest child was ready for her full-time elementary school by that time. I left the job and started to build my own family.
I experienced working in various daycares like Churchill Park Day Care and Teddy Bear Daycare. When we moved to Legacy, SE. I was able to work as a caregiver in our neighborhood, where I acquired excellent references from them. As my job ended, because they moved out of the province, that's where I stumbled on Cynthia's advertisement looking to hire a Dayhome Director.
As for me, as a newbie in Pingos Dayhome, I am excited about this new venture, meeting new children and the new environment set up in 2022!
I am pleased and excited to meet all of you!

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