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Pingos New Brighton


A Little About Myself

I am Yvonne Sudango. I was born in April 18 in a mountain village of Benguet Province, Philippines. I belong to a tribe called “Kankana-ey”, and so I speak kankana-ey it’s one of the 170 dialects in the Philippines and our national language Tagalog. I am the youngest of seven siblings and my father was a farmer while my mother worked as an agriculturist. Because of her job, she brought many visitors from other countries such as people from Japan, America and Belgium to visit our village. A lady from Japan stayed in our house for a year for her research study so she thought me some Nihongo and Origami. I remember one time I joined this annual event called “Adivay” for the whole province and my mother rented a booth for me to represent our municipality and sell crafts from nature and recycles. I made origami like Christmas balls, paper birds on twigs of trees, pencil holders and dyed weeds. I love making arts and crafts also writing poems. 

I always dreamed big and with these big dreams, I discovered my passion in working with young children which brought me here to the other side of the world. I started working in Hong Kong as a caregiver where I learned Cantonese. After I finished my contract, I applied to an agency based in Ontario to come to Canada. I have been working in homes and volunteered in schools for six years. With my experience, I learned that lots of love, proper guidance, discipline and tons of patience are the most important factors for a successful parenting. I value my role supporting parents in their parenting journey and be part of the team to teach their child as the best as he/she can be.  

Me and the Program

My Pingos Dayhome Experience

I remember how my experience with children started nine years ago in a foreign land, a couple years later a family sponsored me to come to Canada as a nanny.
When I met Cynthia the owner of Pingos Dayhome, I was doubtful at first that I might would not
be able to handle a maximum of six children. Cynthia offered me the position of Program Director for her new Dayhome, after one year I have proved to myself that I
have tons of patience and passion from the heart to work with these little ones. Cynthia is my
mentor; she has been always there, especially on my first months, sharing her knowledge. When I heard
the positive comments from parents,  gave me encouragement and inspiration to push my
abilities to keep these children happy and knowledgeable.

With my year of experience, I have
learned many things such as managing my time, cooking healthy foods, maintaining safe and
clean environment for the children, potty training, making lessons weekly for them and many
more to mention. No job is easy that’s for sure, but I believe that open communication and
enthusiasm are the keys to be a successful program director. I love children and I will be
working with them for as long as I can.

"Every child is different, every child is unique, and what applies for one may not be the same for another"

Maria Montessori

The children will grow in a playful and didactic, no TV and smoking free environment, frame by positive direction and daily routines followed by a monthly curriculum. The lessons have been selected and meticulously developed so the child in a daily basis, in Pingos Dayhome will connect with a practical life, sensorial, math, language, science activities, dramatic play, fun games, music experiences, arts and crafts, construction, curiosity, literacy, movement, outdoor activities, behavioural skills, development of the ABC's /1,2,3's, phonics and so much more!

I utilize a variety of teaching resources including, many hands on materials (messy time) recognition and management of emotions, meditation, and the best resource....HUGS! In addition the child is encouraged to be independent and to show empathy.

“Tell me and I forget Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin

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