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Pingos Mckenzie Lake


A Little About Myself

When I became a mother for the first time, I understood that parenting wouldn't be easy.  When I asked for help I was open and I listened to my family and friend's advice. After a few months of practicing these parenting tools with my 5 month old baby and observing her very closely, I realized that something wasn't working so I started to buy and read many different books about how to raise children.  I then put into practice some of the theories I had studied and my intuition told me I was taking the right steps.


7 years later, when my second daughter born, I thought it would be easier since I had already gained experience with my first daughter, but guess what?... It was not getting any easier! Fortunately I had acquired the habit of observing and following my intuition so for the second time, I started the search for more information and then I realized that my second child was different from my first child - she had different qualities, skills and temperament and would need to be parented differently.  Because of that learning, I understand that every child has to be treated and guided differently, respecting and accepting the individuality they bring into the world which enables them to understand and be proud of their true worth. My mission is to ensure that each child in my care feels seen, heard and valued.

Me and the Program

Back in 2010 when We moved from Mexico, I somehow knew that in Canada my life was going to change for good, not just for me, also for my daughters and husband, but the reality thus far has exceeded my expectations. I have had the fortune to meet wonderful people and visited beautiful places, but the most significant change has been reinventing myself and finding my genuine vocation.

For six years I have been working with kids between the ages of 1 and 5 years old, experience that makes me feel full in a personal and professional way. As a Philosophy, I believe in identifying on every child from an early age, their own talents and temperament, assisting them to improve these in a safe, supportive, nurturing, happy and positive environment, in developing their self-esteem, in being treated with respect and love and close observation as individuals.

"Every child is different, every child is unique, and what applies for one may not be the same for another"

Maria Montessori

The children will grow in a playful and didactic, no TV and smoking free environment, frame by positive direction and daily routines followed by a monthly curriculum. The lessons have been selected and meticulously developed so the child in a daily basis, in Pingos Dayhome will connect with a practical life, sensorial, math, language, science activities, dramatic play, fun games, music experiences, arts and crafts, construction, curiosity, literacy, movement, outdoor activities, behavioural skills, development of the ABC's /1,2,3's, phonics and so much more!

I utilize a variety of teaching resources including Tomy Time, many hands on materials (messy time) some sign language (for the toddlers/babies to communicate with me) recognition and management of emotions, meditation, and the best resource....HUGS! In addition the child is encouraged to be independent and to show empathy.

“Tell me and I forget Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin

The feeding is a very important aspect in the development of the human being as well the relation and connection that is made with this same from the childhood. I am passionate when it comes to health, balance, well being and taste. My Mexican touch/seasoning inherited by my ancestors, the eating psychology books, online resources and the well being of my family has resulted in a nutritious, balanced organic, nuts free and yummy menu, following the Canada's food guide.

The compromise and love I feel as a mom, caregiver, teacher and citizen has motivated me to a continuously learning path. These are some of the courses I have taken and places where I have been absorbing this information:

ACCA  ( Alberta Child care Association)- Emergent Curriculum: Responsive and Intentional

Government  of Alberta - Speech Language

Calgary Catholic School - Building Resilience, How to manage the Anxiety in your kids, Bullying

Private works shops - Potty trained, Your kid emotions, Responding to Child abuse, Early stimulation

Online courses - Listening to your kid, Boys and girls learn different

CPR Certification

Police Check for vulnerable sector

Ashworth College - Child Care Provider (currently)

Michele Gole - Personal  Parenting Coaching

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